ENTITLEMENT FOR ALL - Every child at The Oak Tree Academy has the right to enjoy physical education and all children throughout the school take part in PE and sporting activities every week.

Children in nursery and reception classes will take part in daily physical activities and play.

Children in years 1 - 6 have a minimum of two hours PE and sport every week (including swimming sessions for year 4 in termly two-week blocks). We buy in specialist sports coaching for one hour a week for children in keystage 1 and 2. Qualified coaches develop skills and knowledge in a progressive sports programme, whilst encouraging a healthier, more confident approach to life.

ENRICHMENT - we also provide a range of sporting opportunities at lunchtime and after school including: KS1 playground games club, KS2 lunchtime sports club, KS1 football club, lower KS2 football club, upper KS2 football club, tag rugby club during the autumn term and girls football club. As an academy we are also part of the Stockton Sports Partnership. This gives us access to competitive sporting tournaments with other local schools as well as support for staff training.