Music and the Arts

Music and the Arts are highly valued at The Oak Tree Academy as curriculum areas which are important to a broad and balanced curriculum, but also as aspects of school life which provide opportunities to develop essential life skills such as self-esteem, self-awareness, creativity, team work and cultural awareness.

ENTITLEMENT FOR ALL - we provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children which includes the study of music and the arts. By the time they leave our academy, all children will have had the opportunity to have learned to play two instruments. In year-2 all children learn to play the recorder. In years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all children have the opportunity to take weekly drumming lessons for one half term as part of our Oak Tree University enrichment programme. In addition to this, there are opportunities in every year group throughout the year, for children to perform and for parents to come into school to watch. All children can take part in our Christmas performances as well as special assemblies throughout the year. Parents are invited to watch and support their children in action.

ENRICHMENT - For children with natural talents and those who want to pursue the Arts further there are a range of extra-curricular opportunities at The Oak Tree Academy. Instrumental music tuition is provided for free for those who wish to learn to play an instrument in more depth. Weekly lessons are available at lunchtimes for violin (from year 5) and guitar (from year 4). Once a place becomes available, parents and pupils must agree to commit to practising regularly, turning up on time to lessons and caring for their chosen instrument in order to qualify for free lessons.

We are lucky to have a musically talented staff, two of whom; Miss Jones and Mrs Pearson run our KS2 and KS1 after-school choirs. All children need in order to join is a love of singing and a commitment to attend rehearsals.

We also try to take up as many opportunities as they arise, to enrich our children's development in the Arts. Recent examples include visits to The Arc to see 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' as well as our triumph for Year 5 in October 2014 when children took part in the National Shakespeare for Schools Festival, performing 'Julius Caesar' at The Middlebrough Little Theatre and a group of KS2 children who took part in three days of performance workshops as part of the 'Young Americans' world tour.