16th Mar 2016

The Oak Tree Academy Radio Show

11th Mar 2016

Bright Future's Week

The whole academy focus is around children's aspirations for the future. A fabulous week of...

11th Mar 2016

Tune in to our broadcast

Tune in on Monday 14th March 2016 at 2.30 p.m. to listen to the broadcast...

7th Mar 2016

Parents Meetings

Parents meetings are taking place this week - If you haven't made an appointment with...

7th Mar 2016

After School Clubs

There will be no after school clubs on Monday 7th March to Thursday 10th March...

7th Mar 2016

Year 6 Booster Classes

Year 6 Maths and English booster classes after school will continue to take place during...

1st Jan 2015

Santa Visits our Early Years

The last day of term for nursery and reception proved to be quite an exciting time for all. The children (and staff) came to school dressed in their onesie

1st Jan 2015

Oaks Christmas Singalong

Children in Oaks Team (Years 3 & 4) dazzled their parents with their wonderful performances in the Christmas Singalong. Each class performed their own

1st Jan 2015

Strange Happenings in Year 1

Year 1 children came into school this week to find that they had had a mystery visitor to their classroom during the night. After examining the evidence wh

1st Jan 2015

Anti-bullying Roadshow Stops Off at The Oak Tree Academy

We were thrilled to have a visit from the Anti-bullying Roadshow in the week leading up to National Anti-bullying Awareness Week. Children in key stage one